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Furniture Industry Research Association

Over several decades the Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA) has gained and maintained, a first-rate international reputation for leading-edge technology, unparalleled industry knowledge, expertise, integrity and authority.

It achieves its aims on behalf of the industry at large - and of individual members - by:

-Helping to shape government policy in relation to the UK furniture industry: as a key player in the British Furniture Confederation, the Association is able to ensure that the industry's views are communicated to the UK government - and help to shape relevant policy

- Pushing up standards within the industry in the UK and abroad: The Furniture Industry Research Association is the UK Government's 'first port of call' for developing national regulations and specifications. It is also in a position to ensure that the UK furniture industry has representation on all the key British, European and International Standards; this not only ensures that the voice of the UK furniture industry is heard, but also that the Association can give its members advance notice of changes to standards, thus enabling them to plan ahead to remain competitive

- Providing key market intelligence to enable organisations to manage their future business effectively: the Association disseminates critical information on the state of the UK industry and can incorporate this into regular competitiveness reports for individual organisations. Internationally, it has unrivalled expertise in all aspects of the global supply chain and is thus able to offer organisations a huge range of expert services to support their commercial activities overseas

- Leading the field in research and development to identify new technologies, to improve performance and competitiveness and disseminate key information to the furniture supply chain

- Leading interactive technical forums to up-date the industry on key initiatives, research and industry regulations


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Rob Abrahams
Managing Director